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Thread: Am I doing something wrong?

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    Am I doing something wrong?

    I am a shadow priest in the gear as following http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...cn=Bsbackdraft

    On the heroic target dummy my recount is reporting 3.5-3.8k dps, with simply the normal priest buffs (PW:F, DS, IF, and VE) respectively, but I feel it should be higher. I'm making sure DP, VT, and SW:P are always up and Mind Blast and SW: Death are on CD and I fill in the rest with mindflay. I still feel that I should be able to pull more based on what gear I have. Thoughts?
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    Make sure not to clip your DoTs. This means recasting VT and DP as soon as possible after the last tick, but not before it. Make sure they drop off fully, even if only for a split second (actually, preferably for only a split second).

    Also make sure not to clip the last tick of Mind Flay. Spamming the Mind Flay button is a tremendous DPS loss, it takes a lot of practice to recast Mind Flay at juuust the right time to not clip the last tick but not have dead time between casts. This is something I still need to work on for my shadow offspec, don't feel bad if you are screwing it up a bit.

    Mind Blast and SW: Death are on CD
    Shadow Word: Death should not be part of your regular rotation. It should be saved for situations where you're on the move or otherwise can't go through your normal rotation. It's a very useful spell, especially on fights like Putricide or something, but should not be used for tank n spanks.

    Your spec and glyphs are good.

    Gear is not. Talisman of Resurgence does very little for you, as Shadow has next to no mana issues - get Abyssal Rune from reg ToC 5 man. Despite being level 200, this little trinket is amazing, it has haste (your second highest DPS stat behind spellpower, once you're hitcapped of course) and a powerful spellpower proc.

    Speaking of hit rating, yours is way too high. Since you bring the Misery debuff and are specced into Shadow Focus, you need 11% hit from gear to be capped - right now you're at 16%. Try to lose some of the hit rating for other stats, even spirit. One very big upgrade would be the crafted haste/crit bracers (Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers), which aren't too expensive nowadays.

    Your gemming is mostly good (spellpower primarily, gemming to most spellpower bonuses with SP/Haste or SP/Spirit gems), except for a few cases, like your belt gems. You have the right meta, which is a big part of your DPS. Enchanting looks good, you even use the Tuskarr's boot enchant (move speed is tremendously useful to any raider).

    So yeah, you're on the right track, just make some changes to your rotation and gearing, and of course practice makes perfect.

    edit: oh, and level up that Inscription! Moar spellpower! NEED MOAR

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    I did do this and got an upgrade on by belt, Crushing Coldwraith Belt, and replaced my trinket with the Abyssal Rune. What I'm wondering though, is if its actually worth spending the 2k gold to get Bejeweled Wizards Bracers or just hold out for say, Bracers of Dark Blessings

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    well its an upgrade NOW as opposed to waiting for something to drop and winning it...

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