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Thread: Need help with picking Frost Emblem gear

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    Need help with picking Frost Emblem gear


    Need help using frost emblems.
    My idea is that i do VoA 10 / 25 each week, so i'm still hoping to get those items for free rather then use emblems on those.
    What would u suggest?
    This is just an alt char, so i dont do much more then 4 bosses icc10/25. Got 180 frost atm

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    Seems to me, the best pieces for you are the Cata chest and the maybe the tier helm.

    Persaononlly, I like the Kraken gloves and Pillars of Might over tier so I don't even do VoA for the tier. If this was my toon, I'd get the Cata chest and Kraken gloves. Then, I'd work on Pillars.

    The DK 264 tier is supposed have a pretty bonus (12% DR), but you have not mentioned being really able to get 264 tier. That would be the biggest reason I see to not get the non-tier pieces. As an alt not really focusing on progression, none of it is necessary. You have enough now to do what you stated are your goals. Tier helm and Cata chest is another option with that in mind. You probably can't make a "bad" purchase at this point and with your stated inentions, especially if you are not really trying to fully optimize for progression and are ok with waiting for RNG drops.

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