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Thread: Professions for a Death Knight

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    Professions for a Death Knight

    Greeting to everyone, I've been playing for a long time now with my Warrior Tank, but I decided to switch to a Blood DK for a main tank, and just yesterday I reached level 80. I'm establishing with this setup: (56/8/7), but I haven't chosen which professions to max. With the main, I have Herbalism & Alchemy, and I like the the passives (Lifeblood and Mixology), but I've seen in most profiles in the Armory, that Blacksmithing with Mining or Jewelcrafting seems to be the most sought-out-or combination. My question is...

    Which is better in overall for 5-mans, raiding, battlegrounds and soloing old content (for achievements, rep grinding and the like)? Why?
    Thanks in advance for any answer.

    Herbalism: 3600 heal every 3 seconds.
    Alchemy: additional 650 hp with Flask of Stoneblood.

    Blacksmithing: 2 extra slots (+60 stamina)
    Mining: Toughness (+60 stamina)
    Jewelcrafting: 3 x 51 stamina gems (+63 stamina)

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    I have Jewelcrafting and Enchanting but apart from Engineering which is kind of a joker compared to the rest I would suggest you pick in this order:

    1. Jewelcrafting
    2. Blacksmithing
    3. Enchanting

    Mining isnt really good you will most likely want to have a dps spec for your DK at one point and then mining doesnt do much. The three above can all be used for both tanking and dpsing. Also Blacksmithing might be good in the future for changing stats on plate items (depending on how they decide to implement it)

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    Looking at purely tanking --> JC > BS/Mining/Enchanting > Alchemy > Herbalism

    JC gives you the most stamina. Mining Blacksmithing give you the same. You see JC/BS the most because this gives Tank/DPSers / Tank/Healers the most benefit. For pure tanking JC/Mining might be a better combination (prospecting that titanium ore you find for powders and epic gems on occasions). JC/Enchanting is another option, but JC/BS gives the Tank/DPS more options for DPSing - specifically the ability to cut ArP gems instead of only a + AP bonus from enchanting for DPS melee).

    Alchemy shouldn't be considered a tanking profession, even with the stoneblood bonus, because you're leaving more on the table via JC/BS/Mining/Enchanting
    You're trading 782 HP for 747 HP. Warning - stealing this all from the hard work Agg and others have done. And I think the 782 is right --> 60 sta * 1.1 (kings/sanc) * 1.15 (ICC Buff) *1.03 (Vet of the 3rd War) * 10 (HP/sta) = ~782. 650 bonus from stoneblood * 1.15 (ICC Buff) = 747
    782 > 747, so Alchemy is < JC/BS/Mining/Enchanting

    Herbalism is the least beneficial. You're trading 782 HP/(1-DR) for that heal. Warning - stealing this all from the hard work Agg and others have done. And I think the 782 is right --> 60 sta * 1.1 (kings/sanc) * 1.15 (ICC Buff) *1.03 (Vet of the 3rd War) * 10 (HP/sta) = ~782

    Assuming a 67% damage reduction... 782hp / (1-.67) = 2369 effective HPs which healers can always work on refilling.

    You'll have that heal once. You'll have those effective HPs all the time. So not just the first Oh SPIT moment but if there's a second or 3rd within 3 minutes (which there always seems to be).

    And as your armor increases, so does the benefit of the static stamina. If you ever hit the maximum .75 damage reduction, you're looking at those 782 HPs being equal to 3127 effective hit points.

    The hard part is letting go of a another way to save yourself. The hard part is falling backward from the platform, toward your healers, whispering *In healers I trust*.
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