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Thread: New to Northrend Prot Pally in need of advice

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    New to Northrend Prot Pally in need of advice

    My armory:
    Character Armory for US | Fizzcrank | Horde | Kallo

    My mana is only a bit above 4k; and between throwing up my Judgement and Seal of Wisdom, along with Divine Plea, I am still running out of MP. Should I target other pieces to grab more MP...is my build incorrect...what I am doing wrong?

    I have been trying to use consecrate early in my threat rot. only if there are more than two targets to conserve MP more effeciently. Switched from Seal of Corr. to Wisdom, and as said, used mana judgement to get more MP back.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    First, that Glyph of Seal of Wisdom isn't doing you any good whatsoever. If you are casting heals during a fight, something has gone horribly wrong. Replace it with Seal of Divine Plea.

    Your spec is as good as it is going to get at your current level.

    Other than a few items being rather low level, your gear is good and having a few low level pieces is to be expected. So nothing really wrong there.

    You didn't mention either way, but I assume you are using Blessing of Sanctuary on yourself.

    If you happen to be running with a Disc priest, that will hurt your mana regen - absorbs don't generate Mana from Spiritual Attunement.

    If you are running a threat meter of some sort and notice that you are WAY ahead on threat you can actually stop using your rotation and just swing away at the mob for a bit. Generally only works on smaller pulls, but something to keep in mind.

    Beyond that, try to keep DP running as close to 100% of the time as you safely can. If the next group is close enough and your healer has the mana for you to do so, pull immediately so that it doesn't drop. If you cant, then just accept that it may be necessary to drink from time to time.

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    Thanks a ton. You definitely reinforced it for me, especially the running from group to group to keep plea rolling.

    Was in a group in ret. Bear tank leaves and yells at tree after tree asked him to turn dragons after from group to alleviate fire damage. Tree asks me to ret tank, and I let them know I'm novice to pally tanking, but I'm dual-spec'd and have def gear.

    Once I got comfortable, and kept Divine Plea going at the right time, with the heals and nicely done group DPS, the instance was an absolute pleasure to tank.

    The thing I think I was getting caught up in was BC tanking on my warrior. Slow, chainpulls every now and then, but mostly pull through, regroup and go. Northrend is a lot different, especially with the LFG tool; and pally tanking? Much, much different than other warrior and bear tanking.

    Thanks you for your response. It's much appreciated getting some reinforcement on what I already knew I needed to do, just was brain-farting and didn't 'get it'

    Thanks again!

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