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Thread: Fury Warrior Talents?

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    Fury Warrior Talents?

    I don't ask a lot of questions about warriors, I usually find the answers out myself or browse until I find them, however I was curious to know a few and also looking for opinions regarding some talents.

    With having an arms warrior new to my raid, I find it useless to have Booming Voice and Commanding Shout, so I have a few free talent points.

    I currently have Piercing Howl for farming rhino meat/random bgs, etc and I have heroic fury because I think it's an amazing talent for ICC - I'm curious if improved execute would be worth getting and carrying a pile of cleave/execute glyphs around since the bosses in 25 Heroic have so much health...

    Another thing, I see a few warriors on WoL having 1 or more point in Enrage... but iirc, they made it so environmental damage doesn't trigger it, is this actually possibly worth getting?

    Thanks in advance for your views!
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    There isn't really a problem spec'ing into Imp. Execute, but the cap a few patches ago made it less useful than it had previously been. Piercing Howl is also useful on the LK fight, slowing Valk's.
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