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Thread: Question on Armor and EH.

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    Question on Armor and EH.

    I'm a warrior tank that is currently deep (10/12) into Heroic ICC 25. I'm trying to plan my upgrades and am running into some things that seems counter-intuitive when using the EH equation that was posted by Aggathon in his very useful and well written topic on EH.

    Basically I'm seeing that the value of armor is coming nowhere close to stamina at my gear level and that the 277 t10 legs would be an upgrade over Pillars. I had always thought that Pillars would be BiS and planned as such, but these numbers are indicating otherwise. I'll take the equation for it's word though and believe it. My armory is http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&cn=Ignusfatus if you're curious.

    My question for you guys is at what amount of armor do you think it's ok to take a non-bonus armor piece over one with bonus armor? Or should I just continue using my spreadsheet with the EH formula to determine what's best on a piece by piece basis? I'd rather there be an easy way but like most things I suspect there isn't.

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    It's just the nature of how Stam/Armor interact. When you increase one, the value of the other increases. You should also find points when increasing your stam that armor value goes up by quite a bit as well.

    I don't recommend you just use one. Have both of them in your bags and use them for different fights. Pillars are gonna be your best EH piece most of the time, but the 277 legs will be better for the select few fights with high magical damage.

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    Generally for pure EH the Pillars are better because the 44 stam you lose only is worth 484 armor while you gain 1,080 armor with the Pillars. It is going to take around 40% magic damage for the 277 tier to pass the Pillars in EH.

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    Pillars are BIS for physical, Heroic Legguards of Lost Hope are BIS for magic fights. 277 Tier legs are BIS for nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreador View Post
    Pillars are BIS for physical, Heroic Legguards of Lost Hope are BIS for magic fights. 277 Tier legs are BIS for nothing.
    So the pillars are BiS against virtually everything right now. (Big exception: Offtanking blood queen.)
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    ^ What they said. Although Martie for warriors stam does get better because it scales with the 4pc set bonus so it is very very good on fights like TLK and sindragosa.

    The rough "eye balling it" equation is 1 stam is equal to about 11 armor. Armor is very good and these fellas are right about the aforementioned gear selections.
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