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Thread: Reborn Prot Warriorfor ICC

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    Reborn Prot Warriorfor ICC

    To make it short, i lost my main caracter 7 months ago and i rebuild it.
    If i trust WowHeros, i can try ICC, but in many post here in Tankspot, a tank must have 40k health.
    I tried to farm the Black heart... it's naver drope.
    Same for the shield in the Hall of reflection.

    I need advice for geting better stats for ICC.
    Thank you .


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    Put a 30 stam in your shoulders. All stamina in your chest. 18 stam to gloves. Replace your 20 expertise gem in your belt to 15 stam 10 dodge. Replace your 20 expertise gem in your legs with a 15 stam 10 dodge. As said farm the Black Heart and HoR shield. Your next frost upgrades should be belt, off set hands, off set chest, trinket, get primoridals for crafted legs followed by crafted boots and after that just pick up the tier shoulders and helm. Replace Focus Rage with the pretty much must talent that is improved Def Stance.

    Other than that everything looks good.

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    You've got a at least 2 or 3 EXP gems you should ditch for STAM ( that should bring you to 22/23, which is fine, remember you can get 40 EXP from a food buff ). Also get rid of ANY of those HIT/STAM gems and go full STAM. Excluding the one RED required for the helm meta bonus, you should re-gem.

    On the one-hander, ditch the +HIT and go Blood Draining. Also, your talent tree PROT has Spell Reflection, change that to Improved Def Stance.

    First 4 on ICC you should be ok; You're armor is a little low for Festergut. This might be uncomfortable

    Best suggestion - Keep running dailies and weeklies, get into VoA ( with maybe a lucky drop or 2 ) and build up FROST for Gloves, Belt, Chest, Shoulders and Helm.

    Also, get on some ICC rep runs ( maybe even as fury ) to get the Ashen Verdict Ring. HUGE improvement over the Mark of the Relentless.

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    Helm - Replace the +hit/Sta with Nightmare's tear
    Shoulder and CHest - replace with pure +sta, socket bonuses aren't worth it.
    Belt and Legs - Put the +Dodge/+Sta in the red sockets

    You don't need a lot of hit or Exp unless you have huge threat problems. As long as you have glpyhed taunt and 160 hit, you should be fine as far as hit goes, and I was good with 160 hit/12 exp when I first started in ICC - as long as threat is fine you don't NEED hit/exp. Look at your threat numbers and go from there. If you're really worried about dropping too much Exp (you have 75 gemmed/enchanted if I can count - which equals 9+ Exp, taking you down to ~17, you might keep some of the +20 exp gems in red slots... However You should be fine at ~190 hit and 17 Exp for threat purposes).

    As for ICC - as a pug - I don't you if you'd find a spot. On the server I'm on you almost certainly wouldn't. For a guild run, focused on the first wing, you should be fine, especially as the OT.


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    BIG Thank!

    Hello again,

    Wow, you are awsome!
    I'll work on it.
    Thank again!

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