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Thread: advice on acidmaw/dreadscale please

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    advice on acidmaw/dreadscale please

    im new to ToC. i would like some to explain to me the mechanics of paralytic toxin and burning bile. my guild has decided to let me tag along in the 10 man heroic mode and i think its best if i knew the tacs liek the back of my hand.

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    There's a video that describes the full encounter on this site. However the only thing you need to know is that paralytic toxin is cleansed by burning bile. There are several ways to get it cleansed off of the tank, (having the dreadscale tank cleanse acidmaw tank) (Having a dps cleanse the tank) (having the tank run to dread to get cleansed). Really its up to you. In any case, acid dies pretty fast and usually dies before first submerge/the tank gets paralytic toxin.

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