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Thread: Class advice. Mage/Druid

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    Class advice. Mage/Druid

    To introduce who I am. I’m a dude who started play World of Warcraft 2½ month ago. I usually play Holy Priest, but now I start to get bored. So I wanted to start play on an alt. However, I don’t know what class I should choose. I decided to play Mage or Druid, but I need a little help.

    First I was wondering about playing Mage. I thought that they were awesome, and they did a really good damage thought (Not that other classes suck at damage). I would usually do BG’s when I rise in level, because my mate who plays mage told me it were funny.

    After that, I thought about playing Druid for Boomkin. Mostly cause theyre more awesome than mages. I mean, who wouldn’t hug a big fuzzy wuzzy owl? Btw.. Like mages, I noticed that Boomkins usually, like mages, deals hell lots of damage. Another reason for picking Druid were, that I could spec feral, and get faster into the dungeon to speed up the process (Until level 40 where I would get a duel spec so I could swap between the specs).

    So I would ask you peoples about, what should I pick and why?

    Thx for reading and commenting

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    It depends on how much time you have, but I'd advice you to give each a try. Mages can be a lot of fun to play, and druids get an insane amount of role options later on.

    Just try each out, getting them to level 20 to 30, and see which one you like best.
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