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Thread: seeking trinket advice

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    seeking trinket advice

    Hello, I have a question that maybe someone can give me some advice to. Here is my armory:

    I have those two trinkets, i also have the greatness card in my bag. I am trying to reach armor pen cap eventually. I am wondering once i get DBW which is a static 155 armor pen, will i be better served to use the needle encrusted scorpion, or DBW and one of the ones i have equipped now, or which combination of the four to get the most out of trying to get to armor pen cap. I am at 529 now which is 37% and i have a few more upgrades in gear i need to make, but i understand that if i am to stay blood i need to be as close to armor cap as possible. I am wanting to know which combination of trinkets you guys think would better serve me in my endeavor to get to armor pen cap. Thank you as always for your information and advice.


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    Surely someone has an opinion and can advise on what they may or may not do.....thank you

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    There are really a few ways to do it.

    1. The soft cap
    Using grim toll or NES you gem till you are at the point where the trinket gets you to 100%

    That is what i would do right now.

    2. Farm more ArP gear
    Trinkets available are the DBW (which you seem to have a shot at getting) and in teh mean time the farmable BoV (normal ToC)

    A quick note ArP is not better till you have alot of it so ungemming for it may net you a DPS boost in the mean time. There are items with ArP on them for every slot and getting one in which is almost necessary just get your cloak and grab a NES or Grim toll for now Soft cap is easy gathering the gear gem's necessary for a hard cap is just that hard.

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