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Thread: What to get next for DPS offset

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    What to get next for DPS offset

    here is my armory I'm to the point where spending frost emblems won't help me with my tank gear, unless I want to go for my T10 4pc bonus, which I don't really care for since I almost never blood tap.

    So I have 120+ frost to spend on my dps offset.

    I'm thinking of the belt and trinket for upgrades first then save up for the chest, but want to get some feedback before I start to blow my frost on dps gear.


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    The idea of your tanking t10 4set is to mitigate damage, therefore turning blood tap into a cooldown you would use. i recommend getting this, very useful.
    For your DPS i would go with trinket and belt and then work on t10 for your dps.

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