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Thread: Druid taking massive damage

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    Druid taking massive damage

    i was wondered- on LK 25 i take much more damage then the pally tank on our guild

    1 more thing should i go full 30 stamina gems or should i mix them- any suggestions on it?

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    I'm no expert on druids, and your gear and spec looks fine in my opinion, it could just be cooldown management.
    It could also be which tank is tanking what. The damage on the tank, tanking this lich king in phase 1 will be different to the one on the shambling horrors. stuff like this just makes the difference to damage taken. Dont worry about the damage your taking unless you dying is the reason you are wiping.
    I would keep the gems the way they are at the moment.

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    normal 25 LK or heroic 25 LK?

    as davih said what are you tanking and when during the fight is it happening? are you dieing from it or just healers having to bomb heal you and waste extra mana? If you are not dieing tell them to stuff it and you will inervate them between phases (raging phase)

    What is the paladin doing when you are tanking, is he keeping up vindication? because you do not have feral aggression, which I would recommend getting for LK. Also drop the maul glyph for glyph of FR

    It is not a gear issue I can tell you that for a fact

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