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Thread: Ruby Sanctum initial testing

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    Ruby Sanctum initial testing

    Baltharus the Warborn initial testing

    In the vent chatter you can hear the buffs and debuff's being called out and stratetgy ideas. Video supplied by our paladin healer Mersl. I have fraps but couldn't get it or xfire to work on the PTR's. Will work on it for tomorrows testing.

    Recount Data for Boss Abilities

    Blade Tempest - Uninterpretable seems to be time based
    Repelling Wave - Seems to be percentage based trigger it triggered at 30% health and the green orbs surrounding him were the same as graphics as Searing Flames in the general Vezax Encounter in Ulduar
    Siphoned Might - Buff added to the boss (even though was showing up in his debuff frame.
    Enervating Brand: - Debuff put on the tank that interacts with the Siphoned Might buff on the boss

    More Info on attacks. Enlarged chat window for better viewing.

    So the pre-live strategy seems to be

    Tanks - taunt off each other at 5 stacks and pop Berserker Rage, Anti-magic Shell, or other stun preventing cooldowns at 30%
    Healers - position themselves with back to the tree or mountain to avoid being knocked out of healing range at 30%
    Ranged - Stay at max range spread out to avoid the allies in distance part of the debuff
    Melee - pretty much business as usual except pop cooldowns also at 30% to avoid the stun.

    not sure if this is the right area to post. Move if needed
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    Berserker Rage doesn't protect against stuns, so I'd imagine you want to pop at least Shieldwall to survive those three seconds.
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    My guild mates and I found the Enervating Brand to affect every one within 12 yards. The melee had to move out of range of each other and Baltharus to get the debuff to drop. Be careful when moving back into melee range if a raid member still has the debuff. It will reaply itself to the unaffected member.

    Blade Tempest does not strike the raid if they are behind Baltharus; i.e. in line with his tail.

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