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Thread: Tanking The Sunwell..and General advice.

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    Tanking The Sunwell..and General advice.

    Hello, Im going to attempt to off tank the Sunwell for the first time. I am a DK tank...I know right!? "Did he say he was a DK tank!?"...silence...I am and I have been practicing A LOT! I have been told by MANY a healer and group that I am the best DK tank that they have seen. I HATE not being good at something and take it serious, so with that said I am running instances over and over and over. I think I am doing well. Decent gear for my level (72). My unbuffed stats are Str 544 Agi 120 Stam 1029 Armor 15432 Defense 503 Dodge 18.84% Parry 16.00% and Health 15123. Stoneskin Gargoyle and Blood 45/8/10 so far.

    A few questions.... 1) what stats should I work on and improve firtst?
    2) any videos on Sunwell tutorial out there? (havent been able to find any)
    3) what is the best raid scroll, flask, food at my level.

    Thanks for all of your help and any more advice that you can give.

    Have fun all!!

    Zorthis aka: the DK tank that makes DK tanks look "not so bad" =)

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    When we switched over to the new forums I think it broke searching for anything posted before the switch. I have a guide up there somewhere let me see if I can find it its probably buried.

    (i was right page 3) http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-Tanking-Guide

    but scan through that forum GL

    (at level 70 tanks were almost at 30K hp, usually around 22-25 with about 70% avoidance pre-radiance so 50% when it was actually progression content)

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