Lets Go Burgling on Arthas (PVP) - Alliance is recruiting for Icecrown Citadel. If you're interested in a moderate raiding schedule with a loud and crazy group, Lets Go Burgling is for you.
LGB is known for having some of the most fun in raids while being one of the best guilds on the server. If you're looking to raid in silence, we're not the guild for you. We're pride ourselves in our ability to produce the sound of a rain forest on ventrilo one minute and pull a boss with no interruptions on vent the next.

What we are looking for:
Currently RECRUITMENT for ALL classes is OPEN. We are looking to fill ALL roles for our raids. Preference given to ranged DPS.

We are specifically looking for people who can maintain high attendance to raids, perform well, and get along well with members of the guild.

We are currently 8/12 ICC 25 Hard (have Putricide, Dreamwalker, Sindragosa, and Arthas left) and look forward to clearing more content.

Our Schedule:
We raid Monday through Thursday from 7pm EST to Midnight EST.
Please bare in mind that is more likely than not that our raids will end closer to 11pm.
During easy/farm content our raid schedule is subject to losing a day or two.
Many other activities throughout the week and weekend, but this is the meat and potatoes of Lets Go Burgling.

Our loot-distribution system:
We use a DKP system that rates highly on your attendance percentage over a 30 day period. Each item has a set value and loot distribution is based on position on DKP list. For further information regarding this system, please contact one of our officers.

How to Apply:
Our website (http://letsgoburgling.com). Please be sure to read the application requirements and rules. You can contact Kallipygos, Ralm, Marid, or Andyxio in game on Arthas (US - PVP) for more information.
We do encourage Ventrilo interviews and allow our potential applicants to listen in on a raid.

All exceptional applicants regardless of what we're looking for are encouraged to apply.