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    I downloaded NiceDamage expecting it to add more fonts to everything, and it has a few fonts that I like. The problem is that it only works on the normal combat text, and I use msbt so the onlything default I see is when I get an HK such as HK: Private.

    Secondly, I play Spanish WoW and these fonts don't support accented letters in words (noticed when I killed some guy in WSG). Basically all it does is it has a blank where that accented letter should be. It doesn't go apeshit and cause a nuclear meltdown. XD

    One, can anything be done to add accented letters to these fonts, and if so, two, is there a way I can export these fonts to a lib or something to be used by other addons?
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    I can help you with MSBT I think you will need a different font to enable accented characters.

    IN wow type MSBT and click on custom media button. Than give the patch of the font and upload it to MSBT. Once uploaded it can be used in you MSBT display.

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    If I understand your question correctly the solution may be even easier. Take a .ttf (True Type Font) file, just the file itself, as in comcsans.ttf for instance, and put it into your MSBT font folder within Interface>Addons>MikScrollingBattleText.

    Choose a font within MSBT that you will never use, personally that is porky. Rename your desired font to porky and delete or move the orginal porky file out of the folder.

    When you get in game, set every font in every addon you have to MSBT Porky. It will pull your desired font and viola, done.

    I can't actually think of any addon that I have wanted to change the font that didn't accept, natively, the MSBT fonts for one touch changes.

    Hope that helped

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