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Thread: Am I ready to gem ARP

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    Am I ready to gem ARP

    Hi guys.

    I know that for a fury warrior there comes a point to regem for ARP.
    And that you need to be able to hit the hard cap.

    Now i was wondering, how do you know when you are able to hit the hard cap for arp ?
    I would like to know if i am close to or already able to re gem for ARP.


    Advice would be most welcome.

    kind regards

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    Short answer, no.
    Long answer(abridged)
    1. Work on dropping around 100ish hit (replace mark of supremacy with Banner of Victory, DMC:G, or NEC)
    2. Work on getting 100 more expertise (T10 legs, Ocean Serpent Cloak, Saurfang 10man Axe, ect...)
    3. Work on removing your pvp gear (Vengeful Noose)
    4. You can gem for ArP when you have enough sockets in your gear to provide roughly 400-500 ArP, and you have around 700-1000 ArP from gear alone

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    Once you get gear sorted out...

    1400 is the ArP cap.

    A) Softcap. If your passive ArP (gear) + procs from items like NES = 1400 - 20 * X (where X is the number of gem slots you have you don't need to activate your Meta) then you gem for ArP.

    B) Hardcap. If your passive ArP (gear) = 1400 - 20 * X (where X is the number of gem slots you have you don't need to activate your Meta) then you gem for ArP.


    Khilbron et al, at what point, after gemmed for the ArP soft cap and started recieving gear upgrades is it a good idea to switch back to Str. Gems. I know there's a lot of discussion that it's a DPS loss if you are gemmed ArP and your passive ArP is >900 because you 'lose' a greater and greater amount of the NES proc (as an example).

    Or would you suggest waiting until you can hit the hard cap? And just skip worrying about the soft cap?

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    If your only hitting the soft cap, I wouldn't even try converting arp gems to str gems. The higher your ArP, even if your having ArP lost when the trinket proc's is still better than going for straight strength.
    ie. You have 70% passive ArP, and a NeS(48.44%) arp. When the trinket proc's you will lose 18.44% of its proc. However during its what 45, 50, 60s downtime(i don't know ive been hardcapped since ToC) you will still be at a high passive ArP to continue a strong damage output.
    It was once put by a guy somewhere on these, and the EJ forums, that you can think of ArP like Str in how it works. Str makes you hit harder by increasing your attack power, ArP makes you hit harder by bypassing portions of your opponents armor. Until 100% is reached ArP is always better than strength.
    My personal standpoint is, I would rather lose 25% of a 45% arp proc on a trinket, and have 75% passive ArP, than sit at 55% passive and put out weak numbers until it proc's.
    If your gear is coming from ICC, don't worry about the softcap, aim straight for the hardcap, if your gear is coming from heroics, you have no choice but to aim for the softcap, and gradually work to the hardcap.

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