So here is the link to my armory, I am currently a feral tank. Also I am currenlty logged into my dps spec so disregard that.

I have 69 frost badges and I want to know what the best t10 upgrade for me is. I am having a hard time trying to decide. I dont have it updated on my armory but I have the upgraded t9 chest.

Right now I have a mark of sanctification waiting for my first t10. At the moment I am heavily leaning towards the shoulders or helmet. Shoulders wouldn't break my t9 bonus just yet. I don't want to get chest because I plan on buying Sack of wonders. My helmet would be the second option to me, and pants and gloves I would think being last due to it being a drop from VoA.

Just wanted to get some friendly advice, and if you see anything else to comment on please do.