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Thread: The Weekly Marmot -- Healing Priest Rotations

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    My main is a resto shaman who I absolutely adore. In general I have come to love the healing role. As such I have since brought up a disc priest and holy pally. I feel that each are fun in there own way so I play them based on how I feel that day.

    This was a great post for me as it caused me to re-evaluate my priority list a little. I now work in a few more PW:Ss out than previously. The extra procs seem to more than make up for the times that are spent focusing on a target other than tank. It just took a little experimenting to get a feel for when I was 100% sure I could focus elsewhere for a moment. Me = nervous nelly... maybe a cupcake would help

    I also recently pulled binding heal back out of my spell book. It now has it's rightful place on my action bar and it is surprising how many scenarios have found good, proper use of it.

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    Hey Aliena, i play priest too and i got some stuff on my mind

    I have this image of how a good priest is supposed to play, there should be no downtime, preemptive healing is only to be used when its actually required.
    The beauty of priest is to get as much damage done aswell as getting everyone through the fight, without putting to much of a job on the other healers, i know you're only covering the healing part Aliena, but i would love to see a full out pve priest coverage :]

    Since disc priest glyphs are very limited here is my choice of pve glyphs, also depending on what bosses are to be progressed:
    Glyph of shadowword pain. Top prio
    Glyph of penance. Second prio
    Glyph of smite if healing is not the main issue a must for this glyph would be divine fury, else glyph of flash heal.
    Glyph of PWS not all the way up there, not really sure why i dont prefer it.

    I smiled when you brought up binding heal tho, this spell gets no attention, yet its so good! Its so good that for fights your mana pool is holding, you should consider switching flash heal with binding heal, it heals more and costs more, aswell as removes one target for the other healers to focus, yourself obviously.

    Regarding holy, il be brief.
    Lightwell. Another spell that doesnt get attention. This is my favorite spell on world of warcraft, most underrated thing ever, my guild however is amazing at using it. You shouldnt speak of cupcakes and joy, when people talk trash on our beloved healthing, im aware of this spell being very situational but i think with good team mates this is prob the most underrated spell along with the coordination benefit you get from body and soul, this combination is extreamly strong if used correctly.
    /Poke me if my image on priest being incorrect tho.

    That was about it, thanks if you even read this
    <3Mj (not michael jackson )

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