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Thread: Bear Threat

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    Bear Threat

    Greetings all,

    I am looking for a little more help in the threat field.... I know there have been some other threads about this but the generally information I'm picking up isn't helping as much as I'd hope it would, because frankly - I don't know what I am doing 'wrong'.
    Being pretty new still to bear tanking I'm not real sure if the threat I am generating is really sufficient for my gear level. I run Skada and have begun to watch it closely. Keeping in mind, this is my only tanking character, I have little to compare my threat generation to.
    I don't know how possible it is to put a number on the amount of threat I should be generating, but perhaps there is a way to help me gauge my skill?
    Usually on single target my rotation looks something like:
    Mangle - Maul/Lacerate - Maul/Lacerate - FFF Rinse and repeat
    And with multi-targets it would be something like:
    Maul/Swipe - Tab - Maul/Swipe Etc. Etc.
    I can only imagine I am missing something in this rotation. I generally don't have too many issues, However, in a recent example - running heroics, in my gear with a few select others in 5500+k GS I'm blown away.. to the point I became rage starved, as nothing was attacking me any longer. Now, really I probably shouldn't worry about this? But I do.. I don't suppose I will always be able to hold aggro with there huge DPSer(s) in a run, but shouldn't I still be able to keep some control?

    Any advice, suggestions, reading material, whatever.. would be helpful, Thanks!!
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    Always - always - be mauling. Always. There is never a time you shouldn't be mauling.
    Lacerate to 5 stacks, then swipe.
    Open with a berserk for extra threat.

    Your gear is mostly fine; you could get a bit more threat replacing the pvp pieces, but nothing huge. Your spec isn't perfectly geared for threat but it's not horrible. Really, you're just geared in heroic-level gear. Bear threat has never been astounding, and you're probably grouping up with shadowmourne-wielding warriors and heroic ICC geared dps. It's gonna be hard.

    I would recommend not tabbing around. If they're gonna pull off of you, just let them pull some and maul one or two to death.
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    On a single target I typically get within FFF range and my rotation is FFF, queue Maul, charge (this is a macro), Mangle, Lac, Lac, Lac, Mangle, Lac, Lac, Demo Roar. Mangle when up, Lacerate to keep 5 stack, FFF when up, Swipe on all other GCDs, keeping Maul queued when rage>40-50.

    Multi targets Charge, swipe spam. Tidy plates with threat plates is your friend. If one starts to fade yellow, tab and maul/mangle it. If you lose one Growl it back Maul and mangle it.

    On all trash pulls Maul is not even on my mind unless I'm going to lose a mob.

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    You have the same problem as I do
    Another thread

    People are overgearing You and are willing to top Recount so they don't look at Omen and...that's all.
    If You get in Your group a hunter - ask for Misdirection
    If You get in Your group a rogue - ask for Tricks of the Trade
    You are a bit low on Hit, but I am low on Expertise so we probably got same amount of problems with hitting bosses

    As for rotation try this:
    Single Target - FF -> Mangle -> Swipe -> Lacerate x2 -> Swipe -> Lacerate x3
    If in middle of rotation FF/Mangle is up - use it and continue. In short: FF->Mangle->stack Lacerate with Swipes in between and always use FF/Mangle
    For Multi Target - Swipe Swipe Swipe If one of many mobs is more important to kill go with Single Target Rotation with more Swipes

    I got macroed Maul into FF/Mangle so it's not that Rage intense, but when starting with 0 Rage I need to use Enrage. When going from pack to pack there are no problems with Rage.
    After I did it, my friend (Warlock, full ICC geared) is still high on aggro list but started to got problems with topping me

    If You are looking for some professional look into rotation and overall about Bear tanks, go and check this:
    WOTLK Feral Druid Guide

    Don't look on my advices as best ones. I got same problems as You, but the topic in last link helped me alot, people in my topic told me that's all about DPS not looking at Omen. Don't give up!

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    Gear wise, you need to lose the PvP pieces. Try to get in some reputation runs in ICC for the Ashen Band of Greater Courage ring to replace your Mark of the Relentless. Your expertise is 30 (should be 26) and hit is 181 (should be 263 assuming FFF). Hit is your first stat to cap for threat. Keep that in mind as you are swapping out pieces.

    Randoms usually don't require more than what geeksbsmrt already mentioned. But I will add that I typically control the AoE happy DPS by moving the mobs around for a few seconds on the pull. Remember druids can do "mobile" AoE threat better than any other tank. Use that to your advantage on the pull. Also check any pallies (Righteous Fury) or DKs (Frost Presence) for threat enhancing buffs before the first pull. They forget sometimes.

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    Hit and expertise are very important for druids, unlike other tanks. Donno why, but I noticed my threat went up WONDERS when I got to the right hit, and I hear expertise does the same.

    I've also heared that on multi target pulls you might want to put 1 stack of Lace. when you get the chance [after a few swipes] and just tab it around giving everything Lec. stacks and swiping when going low. Haven't tested this tho, might be worth trying...

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