To begin with this is my end goal for my gearing i figure it will take a week of heroics for the furious and a week of BG's for all the honor gear ( i am doing a weekly 5's team for points right now as well so relentless isn't out of the question just not planned on till i amass enough arena points) I would like some feedback on the spec and gear as well as choices for gemming and trinket preferably from someone who has pushed an attempt as prot PvP. My plans for the gear are really just messing around in BG's with my guild and a 3v3 team with a unholy DK and a random healer we can find. I am focusing on a devensive stance super low rage cost on devastate ( 9 rage a devastate means i should get ~2 devastates per white hit) utilizing sword and board procs and saving stuns for low HP or to interrupt spell casts when sheild bash and heroic throw are on CD.

I have only been messing around as prot PvP in half DPs gear Half tank gear and am loving it i wanna build the set because i need something else to do besides raiding as i am gearing my guild so i can no longer pug every little instance i want.