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Do you think this is a symptom of raid gear being so easily obtainable, or just a natural tendency for some people with good gear to be jerks?
It's people being jerks, but they won't stop being jerks if the gearing system changed to keep folks doing only heroics in heroic-level gear.

Speaking of heroic-level gear, just got my latest, a rogue, to 80 only to find out that the same heirlooms that took probably a day or two off the leveling are going to add a day or three to being geared enough to not be locked out of doing Heroics based on my heirlooms being ilvl 1 for the random dungeon finder. If Blizz's attunement system was so well designed back in Vanilla/BC days, I can totally understand why folks would be pissed at the idea of bringing them back. : p