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Thread: Penny for a thought? Druid Tanking issue.

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    Penny for a thought? Druid Tanking issue.

    I totally apolize since thies Druid tanking issues been lately up quite few.
    -Aswell I believe that somewhere lies the answer I seek.

    But still when everyone else keep asking, why wouldnt I?
    -Still each Halp requests are individuals with differend gear and specc, I guess.

    I made few macroes to ease my pain of toggle Maul on, but as made thies macroes to toggle Maul on 100% of time what I do.

    I found out a situation while just testing macroes. I mean that, just aggroing multiple mobs about 4-10 non-elites and killing them or getting few mobs and then a elite on. (Crystalwood Forest?)

    So I am doing normal 1vs1 rotation on elite one. While using macroes like Swipe + Maul, Mangle + Maul, Lacerate + Maul etc..
    -My proplem is on Rage gains.

    I found out that, I am totally burned out the rage non-able to use any strikes;

    Likely a I can imagine situation that healer gets attacked by up three mobs.
    I need to use Feral Charge and spam some AoE there to take control of the fight. So if I am burned out Rage worstcase senario would be healer dies.
    -Or offcourse I could just walk to the mobs and play like that. But its not my playing style.

    Question is here: Should I burn the rage overall to none and keep using Enrage each CDs or just keep some rage and try to manage?
    -This would mean one thing, Maul wouldnt be up for 100% of time just like less and less.

    Just incase anyone asking link your armory etc..
    Armory Link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...wn&cn=Paranoir

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    If you find yourself without enough Rage to use Maul on every swing, it would be better not to use Maul and conserve rage to spend on Mangle, Lacerate and other abilities.

    Remember that in dungeons and raids, you will have much more rage to use, and will not encounter this problem very often.

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    I have seen this issue as well. When I first started tanking I made the exact same macros as you and was always rage starved. The best way to handle this is:
    1. Make a second action bar with the same abilities without the maul macro
    2. Only use the Maul macros on boss fights when you are the active tank

    The sad thing about today's PUGs is that people just want to AOE everything. The best way I have learned to keep up with this is on the first pull enrage, barkskin, feral charge, swipe spam. From there on out its feral charge and swipe spam on all trash. Tidy Plates with Threat plates is a very good addon for tanking. If a mob is going to run off on someone else tab to it queue a maul and mangle. If it has run off growl it back maul and mangle. If things get really bad Challenging Roar with get everything on you, be careful not to pull extra groups.

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    I think the asnwer is buried in the answers above but to state it a little clearer...

    You need to have your abilities in a non-macro button so you can control your rage output.

    You can have and use your macro. There is nothing wrong with it. You are learning, however, that you can only use it sometimes. When rage is almost always full, use your macro. When rage is not so easy, use the standard keybinds that don't have abilites macro'ed together.

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    especially now that I run a 5/5 feral aggression spec and thus no ferocity because our ret paladin can no longer get vindication (extra cooldown for HLK 25) had I been using macros I would be in real trouble. Even some of the top druids are telling people to macro maul to everything, which I have in the past and will always be against. Especially citing LK where he frequently stops to cast it is very easy to rage starve yourself. Sure 99% of my white swings get converted to mauls but every single one of them is done manually and it really is not that big of a deal because you are so used to it (leveling a prot paladin which is 75 right now I was like OMG I am so used to hitting 2 buttons at once what do I do with no on next swing attack, and I will probably feel the same way when cata comes out).

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    The thing is, Darksend, that it is always better to maul than to do...anything else. The only thing that's remotely close is losing a lacerate stack, and even then that's comparable.

    If you need rage for some reason (like you have to charge/demo shout at a specific time) I'd agree that you should have a way to not maul with a macro. That doesn't mean that your default shouldn't be macroed; it means that you should be able to turn it off as needed. Use a nomodifier to the macro so that if you alt or ctrl it, you can just not maul when you want.

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