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Thread: Gear advice?

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    Gear advice?

    Howdy all,

    Anyways im just after a heads up on my tank gear if its heading the right way or if u guys think i should change anything around as i am looking at starting some icc 10 pugs if u guys could let me know if yas think im ready for that it would be greatly appreciated aswell.

    Any advice/help is appreciated =D


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    Looks like you are ready to go, a few things I would change to get you over the 30k armor would be to throw +225 Armor on Cloak, +240 Armor on Gloves(optional) and getting the Triumph Glyph of Indom trinket.. When you start running the 10m ICC you will get some good drops off the 1st boss, the Mace and Neck are solid upgrades, running trash runs for the BoE Rifle is an upgrade for ranged too..

    I think I was less geared than you when starting it out.. Just make sure you know the fights up to 7/12 I reckon to start with..

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