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Thread: help please..arms warrior dps

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    help please..arms warrior dps


    Guys...i need a hand....Im a Arms warrior....slowly gearing best I can and gemming but my dps seems to still suck for most part....

    I have linked my armoury page.....could you take a look and give me some advice on what you see or how to increase dps....please....anything would be appreciated...



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    well first off your expertise needs to be minimum 26 that is priority 1, next your a warrior, your gear dependent, a 900 top end dmg weapon would be your biggest gimp after ur low expertise, and im fairly certain that arms warriors need the 4 set T10 bonus if they wanna do competitive raid dps, other then that it would just be gear assuming your rotation is fine ... make sure ur never missing your procs ... use the power auras mod to monitor procs ... power auras alone should raise ur dps because ull never miss another proc again.

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