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Usually you start with the basics because chances are people really have no idea how to play their toons. People can read stuff, say they understand it, and still pull 5k dps when they should be pulling 7-8k. In 90% of those cases, you start from the beginning again. ESPECIALLY when you see a spec lacking TTW and using SoTM - it's a pretty clear sign that you're dealing with (no offense) a noob.
There is a fine distinction between "how to play a toon" and "understanding the mechanics of a toon". excellence in the latter does not at all imply excellence in the former - or vice versa for that matter.

Yes, I had a defunct understanding concerning the particular mechanic of TtW, and I have corrected that. The point I'm making is that it is a minor mistake and not enough to boost the dps from 5k to 7k - it's a flat out 12% increase to all attacks, so you do the math and tell me exactly how much of a dps increase that is (if you didn't get 12%, better go over your math again!)

You can have a perfect understanding of the mechanics, you can have a perfect spec and you can have BiS for all gear - but it's all irrelevant if you can't press the buttons correctly for it all to work out.

I had a hunch that my problem was that I didn't know how to push the buttons correctly, and that was what I asked for help about.