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Thread: [H] [PvE Cenarius] <Impulse> 9/12 HM ICC -- now recruiting

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    [H] [PvE Cenarius] <Impulse> 11/12 HM ICC -- now recruiting

    Impulse (www.impulse-guild.org) is looking for members to top off our ranks for Heroic Icecrown raiding. We are one of the most established Horde guilds on our server and offer great opportunities for new recruits to earn core raiding positions.

    Note that we have minimum gear requirements and our recruiting process is extensive. We are looking for people that can jump into a Heroic Sindragosa fight immediately.

    Server: Cenarius-PvE
    Faction: Horde
    Time Zone: PST
    Raid Times (4 days): Tue, Wed, Thu 19:00-22:00. Sun 18:00-22:00.

    What We Need
    As of (6/02/10) we are openly recruiting:
    -- Death Knight: 1 tank
    -- Druid: 1 feral tank
    -- Mage: any spec
    -- Paladin: 1 holy
    -- Priest: 1 shadow
    -- Shaman: 1 elemental
    -- Warlock: any spec
    Click Here to visit Impulse Recruitment

    Even if your build isn't listed, you are welcome to apply. We are always looking for skilled players to join our dedicated raiding team.

    Who is Impulse?
    Impulse was formed on January 7th, 2007, shortly before Burning Crusade was released, and swiftly organized to kill C'thun and run through Naxx. Since then, we matured into a guild that consistently wins Horde First on our server, battling for rank with our friendly rivals, Wrought From Ruin. We attribute our successes to a strong core leadership team that has played together for years, and to our friendly and capable raiders who learn from mistakes and never let hard mode wipes bother them.

    Impulse raids one main 25-man run and multiple 10-man runs every week, plus regular alt and non-raider runs. We enjoy putting together groups to knock out achievements. Many of our members have a handful of alts that they use to organize runs and have a good time. We are also home to a dozen or so hardcore pvp'ers -- when they aren't raiding.

    Current WotLK Progress:
    ICC 25 Hardmode: 11/12
    ICC 10 Hardmode: 11/12
    ToC 25 and 10: Cleared + A Tribute to Insanity
    Ulduar 25: Cleared + One Light in the Darkness + Observed
    Ulduar 10: Cleared + Alone in the Darkness + Observed + Herald of the Titans
    Ranked #1 on Cenarius for 25-man and 10-man achievements.

    Join us Today!
    If you're a competitive and experienced player and we sound like your kind of guild, click here to apply on our website and speak in-game to Quietpaw or the Role Lead listed next to your class.

    Website: www.impulse-guild.org
    Officers to contact: Cyndarx, Sataynia, Gotallica, Kiore, Arcticlight, Quietpaw
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