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Thread: Ret Pally DPS assistance

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    Ret Pally DPS assistance

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me out with some Ret Pally advice. Compared to some other ret's in ICC10/25 it seems like I'm just not doing close to the same type of damage. On trash in ICC10 I'm pulling about 8k dps while my peers are doing around 10k. On Marrowgar (in ICC10) I did around 7k, around 8k for Saurfang. My question is there anything I can do to improve my dps, also I can't seem to find a good rotation...besides FCFS I'm assuming there is a proper initial rotation for single and multi target. Any suggestions as far as gear purchases or talent spec changes are welcome. Thanks!!!

    Here's my armory link:


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    There is no proper rotation, just a FCFS. The priority depends on what gear is equiped.
    If you have 2pc T9 equipped your best clash resolution is: Judgement > HoW > CS > DS > Consecrate > Exorcism > Holy Wrath.

    If you have 2pc T9 AND 2pc T10 equipped, your best resolution is: Judgement > DS > HoW > CS > Consecrate > Exorcism > Holy Wrath

    If you have 4pc T10 equipped, your best clash resolution is: Judgement > DS > CS > HoW > Consecrate > Exorcism > Holy Wrath

    Source: http://elitistjerks.com/f76/t68951-r...#ixzz0nT0vV1qv

    At any time, just hit the earliest one on the list that is currently available. Do not wait for one that is just about to become available, not even for half a second.

    In an AE situation, you might want to shift DS and Consecrate to the head of the list but otherwise there is no difference.

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    Armory link does not work so I can't view your character, however by now you should be sporting at least a 2 set Tier 10, if not a 4 set. Judgement of Wisdom and Divine Storm are generally first priority with the set bonuses, however Judgement certainly takes the most priority if it's off cool down due to it's high damage due to the set bonus (mine crit for about 20k on cast). If you aren't expertise capped which is painfully hard to do these days, use the Glyph of Seal of Vengeance which gives you 10 expertise, not rating but the actual expertise itself, I went from having 16 expertise and doing 7k single target to 26 expertise and almost 10k single target after changing the glyph of exorcism to the seal of vengeance glyph and a gear upgrade or two, things were just dandy.

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