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Thread: Prot Pally

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    Prot Pally

    I have been running ToC, Ony, Heroics, and Weekly Raids gearing up and think I have been somewhat successful so far. I would like to be able to tank ICC in the future but wanted any tips/suggestions on gear/enchant/gemming/talent choices.


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    Your spec looks okay, but there's room for improvement. I consider my own spec to be ideal for most content. (Armory.) Same for glyph choices.

    For your frost badges, I'd go for pieces with extra armor first, they are beyond good. If you can afford it, the pillar pants are really, really nice to have.
    If you have no source of 264 tier tokens, consider the non-tier frost gear first. If you have an unreliable source of t10 trinkets, or you may get a 264 piece from the vault, consider getting the belt/stam trinket first.
    Try and swap that onyxia trinket for an armor or stam trinket, and upgrade the stam trinket when you get the chance.

    With your current gear, you should be able to do okay in ICC, so join a pug and see how you do.
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