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Thread: 2 piece T10 Question-Tank

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    2 piece T10 Question-Tank

    I know the 2 piece T10 bonus is great for druid tanks (and the 4 is better). My question is, I have the t10 shoulders now, and I also have almost 60 Frost Badges, would it make more sense to buy the gloves now, and save up for the pants and head, or should I save for the head ( probably 2 weeks) and hope for a lucky VoA drop on the gloves and pants? Thanks.

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    Well, I cant give the best advice there is. But id totally save for head / chest pieces of T10, still determinate lucky on VoA. I actually raided VoA on three characters weekly since 3.0, and I got once upgrade from there to a alt. That was back on Ulduar patch.

    So I wouldnt recomend that giving the chance of luck on VoAs. So be prepaired for farming all the way to T10, thought I guess 3.4 is coming in summer.

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