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Thread: Tanking ICC 10 and 25. Gear advice

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    Tanking ICC 10 and 25. Gear advice

    Ok so im gearing up to tank 10-25man ICC and ive been told that i am no where geared to par to do those raids. Idk what other gear i need to get to be able to tank them! Please help me!!

    Heres my armory link: The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Copy Pasta'd from a guide I'm about to put out.

    There are several gearing guides for all levels already out here on Tankspot. I highly suggest you look at them:
    Best in Slot?! Tanking Gear List Compilation! Gives good suggestions for EHP, Threat, and Avoidance.
    Icecrown Citadel Prot Gear List Also another very solid guide that gives options for all 3 different kinds of tanking gear
    Are the T10 set bonuses worth it? A breakdown of the T10 set and offset pieces for Icecrown
    Anub'Arak Add Tanking Guide How to tank H-Anub25 adds, a VERY good guide that has lead to many a successful Anub kill, including my own guild's.
    Cider's Easy 540 Defense Gear Guide Very good beginners guide.
    Polar's Easy Pre-Naxx Tank Gear List Another very good beginner's setlist.

    C) "East to Get Gear"
    There is also a lot of gear that is puggable that you can get some very solid gear from, though not best in slot. If you have a modicum of gear and find similar players, then ToC25 is something that is something that you can probably PuG. Anub might be a little hard for a PuG, but for the most part normal mode is very doable. Any ToC25 gear is very good.

    Helm: Helm of Wrath: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=49479 If you can manage to get this, then it will save you badges getting the badge helm. It is a very solid helm that you will use until you upgrade to either the 258 T9 or you get an ICC level helm.

    Neck: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44665 This is the quest neck from Saphiron in naxx. All you have to do is kill Saph and Maly (And you don’t have to clear the wings to do saph any more) and you can get this neck. Gem it with 30 stam and it is a very viable budget neck until you can get ToC25 level stuff.

    Shoulders: I recommend trying to get T9 shoulders, even if you only have access to 232 level gear, they are very good.

    Cloak: If you have the emblems of frost to spare, the new frost badge cloak is VERY good, might even be best in slot until
    hardmodes. Otherwise the platinum mesh cloak from valor badges is a very acceptable cloak until you can get a better one from Ulduar or ToC.

    Weapons: Rimefang's Claw - Item - World of Warcraft - Sword
    Falric's Wrist-Chopper - Item - World of Warcraft - Axe

    Shield: If you have the cash and can’t find a shield you could buy “Northern Barrier.” It’s a BoE Ulduar drop.
    Trinkets: Glyph of Indominability, The Black Heart, and Essence of Gossimir are all very easily obtainable trinkets and are also pretty decent. Glyph and The Black Heart will take you far into content

    Rings: These are a bit trickier to get good ones, but there is a decent crafted one to start out with: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=42643 And the ring that drops in H-ToC5 is also very good: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47243 although it doesn’t have any defense on it, so if you are low on defense this may not be an option.

    Legs: There aren’t very good choices for budget legs. I’d say go for tier 8 or 9 legs or if you can get them from ToC25 try to grab http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47273. There are also Legs that drop off of kologarn in ulduar that are pretty decent.

    Gloves: I’d recommend either T9 gloves or the new frost emblem gloves.

    C) Comparing Gear
    When gearing for a progression fight, sometimes you might find it hard to decide which piece of gear is better. For that you need to look at the mechanics of the fight(s). But additionally, a good tool to decide which is best is theckHD's N-EH formula, Maintankadin • View topic - "New" EH - incorporating different damage types into EH.
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    Got to upgrade your Shield, Bracers, Feet, and Waist. You might be able to do ok as a OT in ICC 10 I believe but not MT. Also having no benefit from your professions is going to hurt you like hell. Get the bonuses!! Mining will give you more Stamina, you can get a hand enchant for bonus armor from Engineering if I recall correctly. Which would be a BIG help in ICC.

    Really try to upgrade your gear all around if you can. I checked your achievements for which Dungeons/Raids you have cleared. There is a nice Shield off Anub'arak on 10 man ToC. Also the Valkyrs drop a nice Tanking Ring and good Tanking boots. The Northrend Beasts drop good bracers as an upgrade as well. Don't forget to look at 25 man ToC. Lots of good upgrades and decent gear there at the moment.

    Your glyphs are way way messed up. Must get Divine Plea. Thats reduced damage taken while it is up which is usually 90 to 100% uptime (counting in phase changes during bosses or slow moments). Other two main Glyphs that are used are Seal of Vengenace and Judgement. That taunt glyph you have is a good option as well. For minor Glyphs, at least get Sense Undead (increases damage done by 1% against undead). Keep it active while in ICC and that will help your threat and damage a little.

    You have the important talents in the Protection tree covered, but!! there are a few significant talents worthwhile in the Retribution tree. Specifically Vindication (lowers the enemy's attack power), Heart of the Crusader (increases critical strike chance for all attacks against that target), and Crusade (3% more damage overall, and 3% more damage on Elementals, Undead, Humanoids, and Demons when fully talented).

    Definitely at least get Vindication and Heart of the Crusader, getting Crusade would be a big boost. If you choose to try and get Crusade. Conviction and Pursuit of Justice are good choices to place points in. Pursuit I consider to be an optional talent, but the speed boost is very nice. If you wonder where to take talents from. Take them from Divinity, Guardian's Favor, and Reckoning.

    Edit: Curses apon you Aggathon!! Curses!!

    In addition to Aggathon's recommendations. I mentioned a few like the ring from ToC 10. There is a Shield that drops from Regular Halls of Reflection. Its not the best, but has more armor and some higher stats. Should do for now. Also about rings. ToC Dungeon 5 man Heroic drops Mark of the Relentless. Its an option, use it if you have lots of extra defense.

    Edit 2: Also there are plenty of talents to go around that you could consider picking up Blessing of Might. Do you usually have a Warrior with Improved Battle Shout or Ret Paladined with Improved Might? If not, its just an idea for raid utility. More raid utility, the more they will want you in their raids.
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    DK gear?

    So I've been told a similar thing here many times recently so any suggestions would be much appreciated since DK gear should be evaluated differently from a paladin's gear. Thx in advance!

    Armory Info: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...onemaul&n=Iggs
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    So I've been told a similar thing here many times recently so any suggestions would be much appreciated since DK gear should be evaluated differently from a paladin's gear. Thx in advance!

    Armory Info: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...onemaul&n=Iggs
    Just taking a quick glance at your armory, your HP is low. You should replace the armor trinket with a stam one. The armor trinket is only useful for a handful of bosses, and is really only useful if your other gear is at a much higher level.

    Engineering is also not a great tanking profession. Again, Armor bonuses are really only helpful for those high end tanks who are doing hardmodes. In your case, you'd be better off with BS or mining for the stam bonuses.

    Also, you should upgrade your belt to indestructible girdle Asap. Very cheap now and is a massive HP upgrade.

    Otherwise, make sure you upgrade all your gems to epics, even on pieces you plan on replacing soon. A pug raid leader is really not going to look favorably on you if he sees you have blue gems, since epics are so easy to obtain.

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    this is my tank and i was wondering if im ready for icc yet or not? any help is greatly appreacted

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