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Thread: LF more help with survivability

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    LF more help with survivability


    I'm a death knight tank and I started playing in patch 3.3, and have worked on my gear to try and optimise it as much as I can for raid tanking with only having access to frost badges from the daily heroic and weekly raid.

    My server is an extremely social PvE server, only 1 guild has killed lich king on 25 man normal and there aren't many 25 man guilds on the Ally side. So upgrades from ToC25 aren't easily available to me.

    I tried tanking ICC10 in a semi guild run and it was a train wreck, almost getting two-shotted by every boss and cannot survival any dot+melee combo the boss might throw at me.

    My stats before :

    36k Health
    27k Armor
    28% Avoidance after the zone wide debuff

    After getting a few upgrades :
    39k Health
    30k Armor
    Same avoidance - 2%

    I switched to gemming full on stamina and enchanting for stamina and armor only and focusing on any piece of gear with bonus armor and gemming it with full on stamina.

    Would I have an easier time with the new gear upgrades I got ?, any tips to maximise survivability would be great.

    Sorry but I logged out in random pieces of gear I use to farm mats and old instances.

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    A link to your armory would be helpful to aid you.

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    Sorry I logged off in dps/pvp gear, that isnt going to help much

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