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Thread: Feral Tanks Not Hit Capped?

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    Feral Tanks Not Hit Capped?

    So, Im confused.
    All over the place, including darksend on the armory, i see tanks who i dont think are hit capped, (not 263), But in the tank spot Vids i never see a miss. (is this just because he doesnt show misses?)

    But even more than just your vids on the site. All over the armory, with higher tier guilds i see feral tanks, not hit capped.

    Is this legit? Should i not care about my hit rating as a tank? Am i Missing something? Wont my threat go to garbage if I dont have 263 hit?

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    Until you have threat issues, ignore it. The tanks you are looking at are all progression tanks gearing for EH and survivability. Threat can be helped with rogues and hunters, survivability can not.
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