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Thread: DK Tank looking for advise on tree, need advise for DPS as well on tree and armor?

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    DK Tank looking for advise on tree, need advise for DPS as well on tree and armor?

    So i realize thier are a lot of posts dealing with Dk's and Tanking. I have looked at them and none of them help much. All the gear I have was fine 6 months ago (longer now) for tanking dungeons, I finally got geared to tank Heroics but I want to do raids. I left due to no computer to play on and now I am so lost. I think my DPS is good, but my tanking just sucks.

    I unspecced my tanking spec but I WAS blood frost. Now I have no tank spec, http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...cn=Lucithedark any suggestions would be much appreciated. I have shield users plate on my feet but i want dk feet! To show what my dps armor is, i think i would need help figuring out how to make armory show both tank and dps armor.... Anyways, much appreciated. Thanks


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    Welcome back!

    As far as gear goes, the dungeon finder is the way to go by farming emblems of triumph. You can find a full guide through gearing up with the dungeon finder here.

    After you have your gear sorted, Sattori has a great guide on death knight tanking here.

    If you have any questions, tankspot members will gladly help you out with anything, just ask.
    Best of luck!

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    Hi, the gear that u have is fine for tanking heroics which you stated, the advice given from up above on the gearing through the guide is great. The tanking gear out of the 5 man icc instances is a good place to start. You can run regular modes and once u get the gear you can farm the heroics versions if you like. The good thing about the regular modes is that you can run them as many times as you want farming for a specific piece of gear. Simply use the dungeon finder and uncheck everything but regular forge of souls, pit of saron, and halls of reflection. Since you are que'ing as a tank it will most likely be an instant que. The gear out of the regular modes is item level 219 gear so it is far better thatn the blues that you have, no offense intended. You will also be getting emblems of triumph which you can use to get trinkets and other things you cannot through those instances. you can go to wowhead.com and click on the database button (browse), it will have a drop down box, go to zones, then click on dungeons. Sort the dungeons from highest level to lowest then click on the icc instances and you can view the tanking gear available in there so you will know what to be looking for. As far as something having shield block on it, who cares, as long as it has one of the two stats you need as a DK tank parry or dodge, until you can get into raids to completely upgrade it with items that are DK specific. Also one of the best tanking trinkets that you can get right now is the black heart which drops off the black knight in regular trial of the champion 5 man instance. For instance there is a great item level 219 chest that drops off of scourge lord tyrannus in reg pit of saron, it is dk specific. It is called Scourgelord's Frigid Chestplate. I hope this helps.
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