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Thread: Raiding Fury DPS warrior needs help with improving DPS!!

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    Raiding Fury DPS warrior needs help with improving DPS!!


    I believe I should be doing more DPS for the gear that I have but I am not sure what the problem is or how much more DPS I should be doing.

    My rotation is always BT(1), WW(2) HS(3 mouse roller) when over 50 rage and slam (3) on procs. I always use flask and haste pots.

    Here is a link to last night raid with Festergut

    Here is a link to last nights raid with Deathbringer Saurfang

    Here is a link to my amory it is current except i did not have the T10 helm last night when we raided to get the 4piece bonus., http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...igg&cn=ltigris

    any help much appreciated...


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    Just looking at WoL I can see a large difference between the number of Slam! procs you get and the number of Slams you get off in a fight. A little overlap is normal, since you can proc consecutively before you have a free gcd, but on DBS you had 38 procs of which you used 19. So it seems like improving recognition of procs may help you a bit. By comparison, our top fury warrior on DBS hit 26/31 Slam procs. Also, comparing HS numbers you seem to be bit low, though that may stem from a rage availability issue so I'll skip that.

    The other thing is your itemization. I can see you're at soft armor cap, but in the logs you were using the greatness card instead of the NES. If you're going to gem for the soft armor cap, you need to be wearing the ArP proc trinket. Once you are able to get closer to the hard cap you can drop that trinket for the deck again if you want.

    Those are just the things that jumped out at me.

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    IgnusFatus is right on the mark, very good advice, I would like to add a bit more.

    1. If you have NES replace it ASAP with the darkmoon card, you are at arp softcap and with NES proc will hit 100% arp. Monitor that proc ans as soon as NES proc hit DW/Recklessness any pots (remmber indestructible potion is better for fury than haste pots speciall if you double pot). You should see a good jump.

    2. Your stats are way out of control, you need 164 hit and you have well above 400, you need 26 expertise and you have 34. Assuming you only have access to 10 man gear I would suggest following,

    - get agility version of ashen verdict ring.
    - Get ramaladin from DBS10 and equip it in MH
    - Get the ring from DBS 10 and replace it with expertise ring.
    - I know you already bought a lot of frost emblem gear but if you have extra frost, these are the changes you should do, get t10 chest, replace hands with Gatecrasher Gauntlets. Get the leather frost emblem belt. If after all these changes you are still above 26 expertise, get the agility frost emblem cloak.

    3. Are you keeping battle shout up for your raid comp? If yes respec to get commanding presence, 5/5 Unbridled wrath is not as useful as you would think, 2 points in it are more than enough. I would say pick booming voice too.

    4. Change meta to 21 agility + 3% crit, this way you can drop a blue/mixed gem for a red gem.

    These are minor changes but they all add up. Should give you a pretty decent DPS boost.

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    More questions...

    I was little confused since I have gemmed for ArP do I need to use the NES or the greatness card.
    It seems that I do more damage with the greatness card even though rawr says i should do more damage with NES becuase of how I am gemmed.
    I keep up Battle Shout for our raid most times. I know have missed alot of slams hopefully power auras will help me resolve that. I am not quite sure how to get more HS, i have HS binded to my wheel on my mouse. Does anyone think that I should be able to do 8K-9k dps? Just trying to figure out what my maximum dps could be. Emblem wise I could pickup the leather belt but unless its really worth it I would not want to pick up the t10 chest since i have the castlebreaker chest since as of now I have 4 piece t10 set. Thoughts????

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    Powerauras has had a massive impact on my DPS, personally. I have three alerts set up. One is for when battle shout falls off. The next is for slam procs. The last is for victory rush. I do a ton of heroics and victory rush is quite a bit of free DPS so I always make sure to take advantage of it.

    As for NES, I know for a fact that it is a MUST if you are gemmed for the arp soft cap. I've read enough posts on here to have that slammed into my mind. In my measly little t9 heroic gear, I can hit 6k on heroic bosses with the right group setups and i'm under my expertise cap and totally lack arp.

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    Also: indestructable pots are better for you (Especially if you prepot) as it is a free 100ap for 2 minutes.

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