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Thread: arms warrior needing help with gemming and dps

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    arms warrior needing help with gemming and dps


    ive read alot about arms and being new to the game I see conflicting advice.....what is the best gems for arms warriors? please look at my toon in the armoury and tellme what Im doing wrong as my dps sucks and its getting embrassing when folks say im terrible...im doing my best and changing with advice... help please

    any advice very much appreciated.....

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    link your armory directly, moved to HALP forum.

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    I'm no expert on playing Arms (It's been months since I have), but I'll give the best advice I can.

    Glyphs + Spec

    Overpower (If <1.5 seconds before a TfB proc), Rend (Do Not Clip) > Mortal Strike > Overpower > Execute > Slam. Heroic Strike at 80+ Rage.

    Gear + Gems
    You're a bit over hit cap, so you can afford to drop about 3% hit (since you're alliance). It would be nice to get yourself up to about 722 Armor Pnetration Rating (soft cap) to cap with your NES proc. Other than that, prioritize Strength > Crit > Agi> Haste == Expertise. As for gemming, try to use 20 Strength (or ArP, if below soft cap) in red sockets, 10 str/10 crit in yellow sockets with 6 STR bonus or better, one 10 stats in the blue socket with the best socket bonus, and the 21 agi 3% crit dmg meta. For all other sockets (blues/yellows with bad bonus) use red gems only.

    I found all of this information on EJ, thought I suppose theres also a good deal of it here if you look around. Hope it helps.

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