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Thread: Death Knight Tank spec 38/26/7

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    Death Knight Tank spec 38/26/7

    Hello everyone.

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever heard of the DK tank spec 38/26/7.
    I am currently using this spec in heroics and ICC and it it's working great.
    However, I have found one post of this spec on here. (a bit different)

    You get 3% less damage in total, and buff the raid with both improved icy talon and abomination's might.
    Trash will have there melee speed reduced by 20%

    Looking upon this spec one might think this treat might be to low, but it might actually be higher then the usual blood tank spec.
    Frost and shadow damage increased by 10% (icy touch and death and decay)
    diseased enemy's take 13% more damage from icy touch.
    Death rune master allows you to cast four icy touch's in a row, causing a mass amount of threat if needed.

    AOE: D&D > IT > PS > Pestilence > blood boil
    Single target: IT > PS > DS > BS > BS > IT > DS/IT
    If you find your self getting low on treat, you can cast icy touch 4X, otherwise, deathstrike 2X

    (You wont notice much of a difference in the video then the usual dk tanking)

    Hope to get feedback of what you guys think.

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    Not the worst spec I've seen like that, but it has the same basic principal:
    Take advantage of the state of IT's excessive threat to make a hacked half-spec so you can offer both buffs to your raid.

    This one does win over the previous spec in that it will give you the tasty improved DS so you have something to do with FU pairs that is helpful, and you get DRM to get more ITs. The only things I would change are to push the points from RPM to Endless Winter, and possibly move the points from SoB into Dark Conviction, but that's a little more iffy (though with 3/3 in SoB it would support a high avoidance gear very well).

    In general, I'm not a fan of halving the two trees because it sort of guts the synergies of each style, but it will certainly work just fine.

    The one reason I would use this spec is if you have a regular 10-man with no MM Hunter, Enhancement Shaman (or Shaman at all really), or other DK, and you have a significant number of melee dpsers (read: more than the tanks plus 1-2). If that is you, then you can offer something nice to your group, if you have any of that you are trading for little.
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    Thank you for the great feedback.

    Indeed i am one of those 10M raiders that not alway has the type of players with these buffs.
    And the improvements From RPM into endless winter is a great idea.


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