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Thread: My Attempt on a Warrior aoe guide video

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    My Attempt on a Warrior aoe guide video

    this is my video i made and i would just like some kind of feedback on things i may have forgotten or anything ive said that is incorrect. this is not the final product and is more of a test. any comments will help cheers in advance

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    My AoE rotation is: Charge, TC, SW, Demo Shout, TC, SB. Then tab target Cleave, SS, Dev, Rev, TC on cd. Also, I usually run around to one side of the pack while dropping the shout, this way the mobs turn towards me when the stun from SW fades so I know I have aggro. I can clearly see any mob that needs special attention. Works for me and the only time I ever lose aggro is usually boomkins that vastly outgear me. I have TC talented and glyphed as well as Focused Rage so idk if my TC heavy rotation works for everyone.

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