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Thread: Druid tanks in H HoR

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    Druid tanks in H HoR

    Hi all,

    I have recently switched my main spec from feral DPS to tanking. I can PUG any of the Heroics without issue except HoR. For some reason when I get this instance from the DF the heals can never keep me up (all of the ones I have run with have been over 5k GS (shams, priests, druids, and pallys)) The caveat to this is, if I run with a guildie (4.8k GS resto Shammy) he can heal me without issue. Our druid healer can also heal me without issue though he has a 5.2k GS. I have no problems keeping aggro and have tanked in the corner, at the door, and in the middle of the room. So my question is, does my gear look ok, is their something I can do better, or should I mark it up to heals that don't really know how to heal a druid or play their class?

    Sorry I can't get to Armory to get a true link. This gear set and spec is correct.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    It can depend on what else is going on--is the healer standing next to the mob that silences? That's one of the big dangers of having everyone crammed in the corner. Is everyone standing in AoE putting stress on the healer? Does everyone who can cleanse, cleanse? Are shamans dropping tremor and cleansing totems?

    It's a hard place to heal--I really struggled with it when I first got to 80 a couple weeks after it came out. And how your ENTIRE group plays can make a big difference--priests shackling, DPS focus firing, hunters misdirecting that rifleman that always loves the healer, etc.

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