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Thread: Need halp for getting ready for ICC

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    Need halp for getting ready for ICC

    My main, and subsequently my favorite toon, is my 80 prot pally Zaal. I want to be able to get him ready and able to get into ICC 10, but i'm not sure if my gear is good enough, or if my enchants/gems are good enough. I've seen a lot of tanks gem for just stam, and was thinking about doing that, but not sure if thats exactly the right course of action. I was hoping to get some advice on enchants/gems/gear upgrades that i should shoot for so that i can get in and be a productive, successful tank in ICC10, and maybe eventually move on to ICC25

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    Here are two very good gearing guides:

    The frost emblem guide I like (although I value the skeleton key a lot higher than Vene does, I'd put it around 7, and use cash for the pillars of might instead of emblems of frost):

    As far as gemming/enchanting goes, check the link in my sig. Gemming and enchanting is pretty much the same for paladins and warriors.

    If you want any more specific advice or don't understand something in the links, then respond and I will be more than happy to answer specific questions.

    In general though, no you are not ready for ICC10 yet, however there are some crafted items you can make, some pieces of gear that are decently easy to get, and a gemming/enchanting overhaul away from being ICC10 ready.

    And yes, gemming for stam is the right course of action.

    Edit: And if you really want me to I can go over piece by piece what you should change, but I don't have time to do that right now, I probably could tomorrow though.
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    Thanks very much, i'll look over these links and see what I can come up with on my own and if i come across more questions, i'll definitely be posting back here.

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