I've recently moved which is forcing me to look for a new guild as I cannot meet their EST raid schedule and it's killing me.

I take the game seriously when I play but I don't dedicate my life to it. Kids/Wife/Job all take priority but when I play I look to accomplish things. If I'm raiding it's to progress. If I'm hoping on for an hour it's to get JC daily's done, use my transmutes on my alt etc.

Prefer Tanking. Would go DPS arms or main a rogue/shadow priest if the guild was a perfect fit.
Assuming server transfer, would consider faction transfer for a solid fit as well.
10/25 PVP/PVE makes no difference to me - though I'm concerned 25 is going the way of the dodo bird
Would prefer a mature guild.

As far as history goes. Was an end game raider in EQ through "omens of war" expansion. Had an account on opening day in WoW. Went through AQ40. Cleared the basics in TBC but slowed down on raiding. Realized that that level of "casual" was not satisfactory and got involved with my current guild. We've cleared all 10m content in Wrath except for LK himself (down to P2).

Thanks for your consideration

*currently in off-spec which I don't obsess about. Will log out in protection gear tonight.