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Thread: Has anyone else experienced problems?

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    Has anyone else experienced problems?

    I've been a long time reader as a guess on Tankspot. I've enjoyed and encouraged others to view the videos and postings on raiding.

    A month ago I had my account hacked while it was inactive. Thank god for the brotherhood of guilds. I've made some great friends that got in touch with me a couple days after my account started to farm gold. After getting my account back nothing was said to me about the game time left on the account. I signed on to check my gear which I had to wait for it come from the mail. For a couple days I signed on to the website and in game just to see what was gonna happen with the game time. Like most people I assumed it was taken care of since it was posted that my account was active until April 24th. I paid for my account on April 24th and now my account is banned and blizzard wants me to pay for the time. Edited - Blizzard looked into the account activity and fixed the problem. I did call 2 people that were unwilling to help, but I thank whoever it was that fixed my account. I'm glad someone took the time to look into it and knows what customer service is for loyal customers.
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