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Thread: A warrior? I thought you were a rogue in plate.

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    A warrior? I thought you were a rogue in plate.


    Good afternoon folks.
    I have been playing wow since beta and am running in to an interesting situation.
    I have decided to play a tank after 6 years of being a priest, rogue, hunter, death knight and dps warrior.
    I have gotten my DPS warrior up to level 72 and am currently looking at my different options.
    I have my healers and i'm good at them.
    I have my DPS toons and I'm good with them.
    I have my DK and I'm kinda good with him as well.
    The problem is this little fury warrior that I want to try and learn to tank with.
    I have been reading up on the class every where that I can and everyone wants to talk about damage mitigation, and def cap, and threat generation vs. crit during the summer solstice and various other concepts that I'm just not worried about yet.
    I just want to be able to tank Nexus or Utgarde Keep successfully.

    So, my question is thus... At level 72, how do I do it?
    What abilities am I looking at needing to use?
    Is there a certain spell rotation that I should be looking at?
    I have NO experience as a tank. No experience as to what I'm doing with this aspect of the class, and I could really use some help.
    Anything and everything for the retard who just now picked up a shield for the very first time.
    I look forward to the assist.

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    The more detailed stuff can be found in Agg's Prot warrior guide, but I'll give you a quick dirty version for lv 72.

    Spec wise, you should have a "standard" prot tree. Since you're tanking heroics, you probably won't need the cd drop in shield wall. Put those extra points in shield spec. Other than that, the only other big ones at the one are Deflection and AttT.

    Single target Priority
    Shield Slam
    Queueing HS the whole time provided u have rage

    Multi target Priority
    Thunder Clap
    Shield Slam
    Queueing Cleave when you have excess rage.

    These are VERY general and do not reflect the situational adjustments you may need to make,
    Also keep in mind shield block is a very valuable threat tool, increasing the damage of your shield slam a great deal. Use it when you feel you need it.

    As far as general tips for tanking instances, the most important thing is never to panic. Even if you lose aggro, just calmly taunt it back and hit it with something hard to make it stay. If you panic and run around it's more likely that some1 gets cleaved, a mob hits you in the back, etc. Use LoS to your advantage when pulling casters, and be ready for your dps to charge in like idiots before they actually get where you're trying to get them. Generally, putting vigilance on a healer is a bad idea, stick to the highest threat maker (usually highest dps).

    Those are just the little tidbits i can think of off the top of my head. Once again, see Agg's guide for more detailed information.

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