Random Axe of Kindness started as a guild of working adults who can not stay up until the wee hours of the night, but we will be damned if we miss out on content because we can not raid 3-4 hours a night and 4-5 days a week. We are unique in the fact that we are trying to build a community, we choose to coach not bash and help our players get better.

We enjoy challenges and having fun, well we know a guy who doesnít but donít worry he is not in this guild.*

What we are we looking for:*

Melee dps: Enhancement Shaman*
Range dps: Elemental Shaman*
Core Main Tank for group 2: Pally, Druid Meatshield of mana spongyness.*

Of course there is room for awesome people of any class or spec, this is just specifics. (We will determine the level of awesome sauce you claim to have)*

Raid times: (EST server times)*

G1 10/12 ICC

Tuesday - 7:30 -10:00 pm*
Thursday - 7:30 -10:00 pm*
Sunday - 6:00 - 8:00 pm*

G2 8/12 ICC

Tuesday - 8:00 -10:30 pm*
Thursday - 8:00 -10:30 pm*

G3 4/12 ICC

Sats times very, this raid is for those new to raiding and new to ICC, don't be scared or shy, the first time always hurts.

Loot, Shinys, Epix (Or how Phootstool refers to them MINE ALL MINE!!!)*

Is always Open Roll MS before OS no matter the role you fill (Read this as we ask to you to heal but you are a dps, you roll dps)*

We provide the following:*

Strong leadership (Or the GL thinks so, I wouldnít buy it)*
Organized and successful raids (This never fails, win or loose we have fun)*
Friendly environment (Maybe too friendly)*
Adult oriented (Bow chicy bow bow)*
Respect (Some had to buy theirs but to each there own /cough Joey)*

Random Axe of Kindness is NOT a _________ Guild*
A. Drama*
B. Server First*
C. I am better than You!!! Meter Spamming*

What Random Axe of Kindness expects from you:*

TO BE ON TIME (I used the power CAPs so its important)*
Be a part of the team as in be a team member (Not take one for the team, if Evermorph asks say no, trust me on this)*
Come Prepared*
Come Repaired*
Come with sense of humor equipped and sarcasm trinket on!*
Know Your Class (Righteous fury on if your tanking)*

What Random Axe of Kindness does not expect from you:*

To be perfect (Thatís my job :P )*
100% raid attendance (Hello we said Casual, 75% would be good)*
To be a jerk (Unless you tell us prior and then we are expecting it )*

We do take raiding very seriously, we just have fun at it!!!*
Come join the gang/family and friends. We are working adult professionals lfm!*

Send questions to Axcidentprone@gmail.*com or ingame Tinkerbolt, Irona, Starbug, Korth or just bug a RAoK member for an officer online.