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Thread: Need help with fury dps?

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    Need help with fury dps?

    Hello people, I recently leveled this toon to 80 and have been getting gear for him. I currently have tanking gloves and boots due to the fact that when they dropped they were huge upgrades from the greens I had. I plan on keeping them until I replace them with dps items. My questions : is my spec adequate for dual wield dps, and what seems to be the trick to dps'ing on a fury warrior? I am wondering what the rotation is? I have tried some different rotations but cannot seem to bring the dps up. Am i wanting to do to much to soon with the gear i have? My armory link:


    Any help, advice, or criticism is greatly apreciated
    Thank you in advance
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    Just keep farming heroics for upgrades/badges as far as gear is concerned. I'd check around on Atlasloot (addon, can be found on curse.com) to see what dungeons drop upgrades and hit them as often as you can.

    As far as rotation I open with Bloodrage, Battle Shout, Intercept, and Victory Rush (if I have it available). I then switch to a priority system of: Whirlwind > Bloodthirst > Slam (only on proc) > Heroic Strike. If we are on bosses I try to keep sunder armor and demoralizing shout up if there aren't other warriors with us. It may hurt my DPS some but it helps us as a whole.

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    You're not doing too bad. Your spec is off by 1 point! I almost missed it. But your armory shows 1 point in Engrage (4 rows down, Fury Tree), this point should be in Unbridled Wrath (Fury, 2nd Row) in my opinion.
    Some Easy pieces of gear to pick up Will be from Triumph and Frost Badges. You should be able to pick up "Might of the Ocean Serpent" (EoF) and "Helm Of Thunderous Rampage" (EoT) Quick and Easy. Both these items have a good amount of Strength and Armour Penetration. I wont go into these stats in detail because its a bit of a blurry line as to at what point ArP becomes more important than Strength. All i know is it will do eventually for you! There are plenty of guides on Tankspot and around the net I am sure can explain this better than I ever will be able to.
    On the subject of Armour Penetration, be sure to do Forge of Souls every day until you get the "Needle Encrusted Scorpion." This trinket will allow you to 'Soft Cap' ArP. When you get this trinket I advise you gem for ArP and soft cap at 722 ArP (722 ArP Rating + Trinket Proc of 678 ArP Rating = 1400 ArP = Hard Cap 100% ArP).
    Although even softcapping with your current gear may be difficult So pick up any replacements you can for those Tank items right away. You should be able to pick up replacements for these from Emblems (Frost or Triumph) or by having some made by a blacksmith. Tier 9 gear from Emblems of Triumph will be a good place to start.
    Now, your abilities. You have 5 major DPS abilities. Heroic Strike, Cleave, Whirlwind, Bloodthirst and Slam.
    This is what I do when I am DPS'ing on my warrior, it may not be perfect, but it does the trick for me.
    I lead with Bloodthirst. Immediatly use Whirlwind. I then simply wait for this to come round again. Its a really basic First Come First Serve idea which if you wanted to be really sceptical could be put into a 1 button macro. However, while simply spamming BT and WW, you will want to be watching your rage bar. If you get more than 60 rage you should queue Heroic Strike up for the next swing. Keep it queued until you drop below 60 Rage. This is the point where you will still be able to use BT and WW without losing time because you spammed HS too much.
    You will need an addon of some description to tell you when Bloodsurge procs. You won't want to miss a single one of these procs! Bloodsurge makes your Slam move instant cast. Fantastic. I use it when its procced, and when BT + WW are on cooldown, but they should always be on cooldown, so for starters just use it ASAP.
    Slam is an interesting ability for the Fury Warrior. If you cast it this is a DPS loss. Simple. You will do more DPS by leaving your character auto-attacking while you drink your beer than you will casting Slam.
    As for Cleave, in short just use it in place of Heroic Strike in your standard First Come First Serve Setup on fights with more than 1 mob in melee range. There arnt many bosses where this is the case (Anub in ToTC comes to mind). But you will soon see in wihch situations you should be using Heroic Strike, and where you should be using cleave, If your in doubt however use Heroic Strike.

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    Unbridled wrath is a wasted talent imo.
    If your rotation is right you shouldn't have rage problems.
    Your hit rating is 6% too high and you're WAY under expertise cap (26)

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    Thank you for the info I added the needle encrusted scorpion yesterday, i am doing better dps with it and thanks for the clarification on the rotation i got, any new or different advice?

    Thank you again
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