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    H Putricide 10

    Hey all,

    We've been slowly progressing through heroic ICC10 and are now on our last two, sind and putricide.

    We've put some topical work in on putricide, and seemed to have some problems "freewheeling" the handling of the unbound plague, that is, letting players decide generally where to take their plagues.

    Is there any specific regimentation you guys employ to increase the efficiency / safety of your plague-handling?

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    Just announce on vent and hope you dont have 3 melee or something. Having decent communication means the plague will never kill anyone, we can even comfortable get completely new people(on h) in and have no plague problems on the first attempt.

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    We actually did use 3 melee.

    We really relaxed how we handled handling the plague which helped quite a bit. We would just have the plague victim choose whoever to pass it off to and this made the plague pretty much a non-event. The most dangerous stage of the fight seemed to be the first phase transition where we don't have heroism (we heroism the second). Bloat + plague + greenpop could lead to death.

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    My guild also has the same problems with the plague and I would really appreciate some help.

    We've tried to use ranged heavy comps of 4ranged, 1 mele, 2 tanks, and 3 healers. We've also tried using 5ranged, 1 mele, tanks, and 2 healers keeping the plague moving among the ranged dps soley.

    For some retarded reason, our ranged/healers can't seem to handle passing it off correctly. We set a 4-5 player rotation, the plague goes out and that player waits 8-10 seconds in a designated spot (usually at the tip of the middle circle near the lab table). When 8-10 seconds pass, they call it out on vent for the next person from the ranged stacked group to come and get it. We have all the ranged who does not have the plague stay stacked up by professors lab table by the boss. The first round seems to go okay, but maintaining this throughout the whole phase 1 and 2 has been impossible for us. People in the rotation always lose focus and take too long to respond. We've never seen phase 3 yet. We generally have a break down by the first or second waves of plague which leads to other deaths.

    How do most guilds handle the plague and I have no idea how they can upkeep the passing off of the plague during the chaos of phase 3? We've been working on this boss in hardmode 10s for the past 4 weeks and are a bit demoralized.

    I've seen other forums talking about letting players die with the plague and just combat rezzing these players a few times throughout the encounter. Is this a viable strategy? My guild has never tried this and is looking for an alternative strategy to try for this upcoming lockout.
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    I wouldn't suggest getting rid of the plague by letting people die, you'd need at least four combat resses, probably more.

    What you should do is make sure your ranged are spread out enough so that the plague doesn't jump the moment it spawns. When someone gets the plague, you need to communicate the following things:
    - Who you're planning to hand it to and if that person has plague sickness already
    - Where both of you are, making sure you're both ready for the transfer

    You've got around 8 seconds before the plague starts doing some real life threatening damage. When 5-6 seconds has passed, you should know who you want to transfer it to, where that player is, and that player should know as well.

    If you've got the rest of the fight under control (oozes, flasks, etc) then you should clear your ventrilo, make sure transfer information comes through without a hitch. Because if your transfer target knows he's gonna get the plague, he can start thinking about who he's gonna transfer it to, and things will go even smoother.

    Positioning should be improvised, if you've got a designated spot then people will run more than needed in most cases. If you spread out around the boss you can just hand it over to the person next to you.

    It's also important to note that if you get it when you've got plague sickness,, panicking and yelling at whoever made the mistake of handing it to you will only create chaos. Just start heading towards someone you think is free of plague sickness, and if it's really an emergency, throw it in with the melee, let it bounce around a bit.

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    I normally play with minimal graphic settings, but Heroic Putricide is a fight where I prefer to turn Particle Density to maximum. There is an easily visible green glow on people with Plague Sickness and then the person with Unbound Plague will be pulsating a black aura. It really helps when determining where you can pass off the plague. We tried a "fixed" rotation but it always seemed to mess up somewhere like with an Unstable Ooze Explosion. Once we switched to a looser on-the-fly strategy we ended up killing it the first attempt.

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    Thanks. We will try these things during our next raid lockout.

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    Generally, we follow one very simple rule for plague handling: If you die to the plague, it is your fault. When you have the plague, you are responsible for holding it for (6s in 25man, 10s in 10man) and dishing it off. Plan your movement, call out your target so they don't run away from you, and just deal with it.

    If you happen to get targeted by Gaseous Bloat or Ooze Adhesive, you yell for your intended target to come and pick it up RTFN, no waiting.

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    People can take it pretty long. Warlocks can usually take the plague 15 seconds by using Shadow Ward as they run to pass it off. The secret to the plague is knowing who / where you need to drop it off as soon as you get it. As soon as you get the disease, you should move to about 6 yards away from the person you're going to pass it off to. If you wait until the end, it'll be too late.

    In phase 3, we let anyone who gets the disease die. Just get them out of melee range, soulstone and/or battle rez them, and keep going. It's not worth the DPS loss to play with it.

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    we generally run with 2-3 druids a lock and a resto shammy that we have go their offspec which is enhancement but ends up doing the lowest dps by far thus making them a bit expendable. Is it confirmed that if the person with plague dies you are good for not getting plague cast or having it around basically till PP would have recast it normally? I'm thinking if we always put it on the expendable shammy and let them die (maybe take one or two through full duration depending on how many we would possibly get) and have them A. self rez B. be soulstoned and C. get battle rezzes in whatever order is most efficient we could eliminate most of the plague hassle.

    Also how many plagues should one expect in a ordinary heroic 10 PP?


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