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Thread: What to buy with frost?

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    What to buy with frost?

    Hey there
    So basically on my DK tank i recently got a token for tier 10.5 and im wondering what item i should get with it ( ill need to get tier 10.0 first with frost) or wether i should get the 264 trinket with frost and save for tier 10/10.5 after..
    Basically thats my armoury and if anyone could tell me what item is in need of an upgrade most with my frost id appreciate it.

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    By the Looks of it trinket should be priority, After that i would go with tier Chest or the Belt, as Tier gloves can be gained from VoA

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    It appears as though you already bought the trinket. If possible, I would recommend returning it and getting the belt. Not only does the 264 belt give you a large stamina increase, it also has more strength and 1000 more armor.

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