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Thread: Any red lights in my gear/spec

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    Any red lights in my gear/spec

    Hey guys, just wondering if you could help me out with a predicament.

    I recently started the game again due to the people in my student house playing again and due to wanting to play with them, I'm restricted to pugging for gear at the moment whilst they all catch up.

    Before I quit the game I had played a warrior (dps), rogue and mage all to sunwell level raiding (prenerf) so I have a fair idea of how to play (I'd say beyond the average player). I've been progressing through pugging fairly well, always got good reports from my groups about my tanking and so on.

    However this week on there separate occasions I've joined ICC25 pugs we all get there and buff and I just get kicked out of the blue with no warning and they won't respond to me when I ask them what is up.

    So yeah I was wondering if any of you could have a brief look at my armoury and see if you see if there are any massive warning signals in my gear/spec that might get me kicked from groups, I don't think there is but I can't really see it being anything else with the little to none negative reputation I have on my realm from pugs.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The +10 stats gem in your helm is a weird choice
    Using a purple gem to get the socket bonus in your chest while not doing the same for your belt seems weird to me.
    Your corpse tongue trinket is another weird choice. I'd recommend Glyph of Indomitability if you don't have anything else.
    Some people may have an issue with blood draining

    Other than that, you're most likely being kicked so they can bring in a guildmate or they want a tank with 50k hp unbuffed.
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    There are a few things, but I probably wouldn't kick out out of the group for most of them.

    Helm: the 10 stats gem is suboptimal. A 15stam/10 defense gem there will allow you to hit the bonus and it gives you more avoidance than 10 agi does, and 10 str is frankly nothing to a prot warrior and barely contributes anything.

    Chest: since you are so far over the expertise cap, I might suggest just putting in either an agi/stam gem or dodge/stam or even just raw stam in that spot, but right now I think it is given you your set bonus so keep it. Since you have Verdigris Chain belt, I would recommend hitting the socket bonus here. You will not soon replace that, whereas your BP is a bit dated. I'd suggest looking into the Breastplate of the White Knight or Cataclysmic Chestguard, which given your current gear selection I would recommend getting the cata chest next from frost emblems.

    I would also suggest getting pillars of might made if you have the cash and tossing 3x30 stam gems in there.

    Boots - Tuskarr's vitaility is more beneficial than 22 stam for warriors imo.

    The only other thing I can see, and the only reason I could even fathom that someone might kick you is the corpse tongue coin. Avoidance trinkets just aren't that good. I would suggest The Black Heart, or Glyph of Indominability to replace that ASAP. If you happen to have a heart of iron laying around then use that, but really try to go for Juggernaut's Vitality from ToC25. Unidentifiable Organ from Putricide 10 is also another very good trinket.
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    Thanks for the advice guys, helped me with a few little niggles I was unsure about myself.

    I'm actually using glyph of indomitability after I get checked, since my main game play involves pugging atm and my realm is slightly GS nuts I try and get the highest before I join then switch to better stuff afterwards.

    The chest was my next choice as well.

    Many thanks again for the advice.

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