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Thread: Are DK good tanks?

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    Are DK good tanks?

    So pally is boring,hunter is saved till cataclysm and I wanted to roll another tank.
    My choices are warrior and dk. Still I love gameplay of death-knight (I dunno why but I just love spamming blood boil ^-^ ) But even if I love dk I won't roll one if they are bad as MT
    So here is my question: can DK tank as good as pally\warrior can?

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    Short answer: Yes.

    Elaborate answer: It might be easier in some situations and harder in other situations. Overall, they make good tanks when played correctly. As do any of the classes.

    My opinion: I agree with you on paladins. I know nothing about druids. Playing as a DK tank is dynamic, interesting, feels awsome and I personally find it very appealing. Yet nothing beats the warrior tanking experience with mobility and versatility. There's nothing like incapacitating targets in many different ways while zooming all around your targets and raid members. Big fun!

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