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Thread: Earning money with daily quests and farming Frost emblems

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    Earning money with daily quests and farming Frost emblems

    Hello, I've been lvl 80 for more than 3 weeks now, and I discovered that I am not earning too much gold when I need lots of expensive stuff like Primordinal Saronite for my crafted gears. And I was looking for a way to easily farm emblems. Are there any other way to earn 21+ a week? And Last question...I have 2672 WHGS, 28% dodge 20% parry and self-buffed 36k HP. Will I be able to tank ICC? Or will anyone let me in anyway?

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    For the raid question: maybe. Depends on the person. As far as farming emblems, the fastest way is A) do your daily random every day, B) do both VOA 10 and 25 every week, C) do your weekly raid quest every week, D) raid ICC 10/25 every week. If you need money for saronites, utilize your profession skills. For ways to make gold yourself see hitthecap.blogspot.com, wowconfidential.com and justmytwocopper.com.
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    As for the emblem part of the question, Blizzard really wants you to farm frosts for your gear up untill the day Cataclysm goes live, so you don't get bored and don't do something stupid like buying another MMORPG. That is, if you're not in a heavy raiding guild and you can't get good gear in no time (compared to people only running dailies and an occasional easy weekly with a PUG), but even then you'll probably want to farm frost emblems to sell primordial saronite on AH. So the short answer is no, there's no other way to get those badges any faster other than having a steady raid at your side.

    Gold farming is a more difficult issue, but in short there's no magical way to have tons of gold falling on you from the sky, so you can't hit the gold cap in a matter of days. That is, if you aren't playing on an old high population realm, where twink gear and profession leveling mats are selling like hot cakes. I started on one of those once and had to mine all the thorium to level BS, since it was ridiculously expensive on AH. So yeah, it works both ways.
    On the bright side there are strategies that work everywhere:

    1) Daily quests. Not extremely profitable and pretty exausting, so unless you're interested in those Champion Writs for rep from champion quests at Tournament Grounds, there's no real motivation. However, it is steady, fairly fast, and obnoxiously easy.

    2) Instance farming. Just as tedious and boring as dailies, it might bring you greater profit than dailies. However, it didn't quite work for me. Turned out I really hate the part where you have to go all the way to the nearest vendor to sell all your trash. Not to metion throwing trash out of your bank to empty your bags of all quest, offspec, and gathering items before going to a dungeon to grind. BoEs from those might sell on AH for good money or they might not, again depending on the realm.

    3) Misc farming. See what sells well on AH and see if you can make/farm/get one of those... or, rather, many of those. It can be gems, mats, craftables, etc. If you don't have the nessesary profession you can always find someone who'll do the BSing, gemcutting, LWorking for a small tip. Then, well, get to it. It is also quite exausting and the profit depends on whether you'll be able to sell the particular item and at which price. Also whether some vital costly component of this craftable won't be nerfed like with the "present" to all Miners with Titansteel cooldown going away, which filled all Miner heads with homicidal thoughts, I bet. The safest strategy will be to go for many different types (to avoid oversaturation) and use both AH and the much hated Trade channel. This strategy actually demands some higher brain activity, so I find it more compelling than the others.

    4) Pet farming. This is special, because it is more like buying a lottery ticket than earning gold. I never buy lottery tickets and consider those who do to be either totally crazy or incurably optimistic and I haven't decided which is worse yet. I think I'm a pretty lucky person, I got my Rivendare's Deathcharger (which I consider to be the only appropriate mount for a DK... at least in appearence and at least for allies) on 12'th run, which is damn lucky even with the new increased drop rate. However, pet farming just didn't work for me. Even dailies paid off better.

    Lastly, I would suggest that you should something that does not bore the hell out of you, since if you're farming, say, for Pillars of Might and Primordial Saronite is still around 2 k on your server, you're in for a long, long grind. Since being in the middle of an especially long and boring grind is an easy way to get sick with WoW and totally forget about it untill your next bill arrives, this isn't a good choice.
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